Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Post-Graduate Diploma offered at NBS, aims at providing thorough understanding of the activity of management in an intellectually rigorous manner.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • Provide a solid grounding in the disciplines that form the basis of management practice
  • Development an understanding of the fundamentals of management
  • Provide skills of critical analysis in relation to management issues
  • Develop basic quantitative skills and the ability to apply them in a problem-solving context
  • Develop skills of communication and co-operation relevant to a students’ future career
  • Provide an opportunity for relevant Level 7 Bachelor Degree graduates as well as those with less than 60% at relevant Level 8 Bachelor Degree to gain admission to the Masters degree.
  • An applicant should be a holder of a good Level 7 degree from the University of Namibia or an equivalent Level 7 qualification on the NQF.
  • Also an applicant holding any Level 8 qualification (which is not relevant to Business Administration/Management Science) and who wish to enter the MBA degree at the School will be admitted to the Post-Graduate Diploma as preparation for MBA studies.
  • A prospective student maybe interviewed and assessed by members of NBS before recommending his/her application

The Post-Graduate Diploma will be delivered full-time on a block-release basis at the Namibia Business School at the main campus of the University of Namibia.

Mode of teaching will include a mix of lectures, seminars, case studies, class discussions, student and expert presentations, group projects, simulation exercises and guest speakers.

Duration of the Programme: The minimum duration of this programme is one (1) year.

First Semester (1) Advanced Writing for Post-Graduate Studies
Advanced Business Ethics
Strategic Decision Making & Research Methods
Business Accounting
Strategic Financial Management
Business Economics - A Macro-Level Perspective
Business Economics - A Micro-Level Perspective
Second Semester (2) Strategic Human Resources Management
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Operations Management
Strategic Project Management
Managing Information Technologies
Strategic Management
Business Project in Business Aministration

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