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Student Support at NBS


Not all things small are insignificant. For Christofine Namases, her little baby was the drive she needed to go after her dreams and change her life seven years ago. Christofine, who is lovingly known as Christo is a Student Support Officer, Project Manager, and mother of three boys. As we got to know her, we discovered that she is originally from Okumbahe but has spent some of her favourite years in Walvis Bay. Her time there was enriched by the sea, she says "the ocean is what makes it feel like home". When she and her partner were about to have [...]

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Nikhita Janeene Winkler


Owner of Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre We caught up with social entrepreneur and creative, Nikhita Winkler, to find out about her journey as an artist and businesswoman. Her story is a how-to for all budding entrepreneurs. The Founder and Director of Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre was raised by a single mother who taught her to shoot for her dreams, and to live life with no regrets. “I come from a Queendom of mixed-race Bantu Women. Strong, independent and beautiful women.” As a result of this upbringing, Nikhita has come to value bravery and freedom. She believes that in [...]

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While most organisations conceptually understand the connection between strategy and projects, very few actually operationally link their strategy to projects within the organisation. But the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is different.   They recently established a Projects and Strategy Office and carefully crafted a Project Management Framework to significantly improve effectiveness in achieving their project goals. At the centre of their effort are Project Coordinators, who play the primary role in delivering projects successfully.  After meticulously analysing GIPF’s organisational context, NBS PM designed and delivered tailored project coordinator training.   Twelve project coordinators were divided into three teams that focused [...]




NBS on route to solve the challenge of drought in Namibia and Southern Africa. Drought has become one of the biggest threat to Namibia and southern Africa’s food security. However, this mammoth challenge is set to change with the Namibia Business School (NBS) “Crystal Water” Solution.    This continental solution comes days after the Namibia Business School (University of Namibia) idea was selected as one of Africa’s best business ideas at the Global Business School Network’s (GBSN) annual Africa Business Concept Challenge.   The GBSN Africa Business Concept Challenge facilitated a five-week-long competition in pursuit to find a viable business concept that [...]


April 2021 Graduation


Once again, we are proud to see our students become graduates. We are the #1 Business School in Namibia because we produce the most graduates for the Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). We are proud of each graduate listed below. 12EDPM – Diploma in Police Management EINO M. ELIASER J. S. T. HAIPA E. HAMUTENYA P. KATERENGA P. N. POVANHU H. SET N. N. SHIIMI J. SIKESO V. SIPETE M. M. PUSO R. M. 12DMMA – Diploma for Middle Managers ASHIPALA N. N. DAVID S. GAINGOB D. F. [...]

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Heroes’ Day 2021


In celebration of Heroes' Day 2021, we decided to celebrate our business heroes - the Entrepreneurs. Read the stories of our brave Namibian entrepreneurs who went against the current, and started their own businesses.  

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