Meet Charlton #Kitago Richter, the owner of Aquablitz

He is currently working for the Kunene Regional Council as a Control Administrative Officer (CAO) in the Khorixas Constituency Support Office. As the head of administration, he supervises and ensures excellent administration, finance/budgeting, procurement, stock-taking, fleet Management. With 13 years of administrative experience, a recent Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, enrolment into the NBS PMP Boot camp, and the goal to join the elite group of Certified PMP’s in Namibia, he aspires to expand his business to the rest of Namibia within the next three years.

Charlton Richter

Charlton Kitago Richter

How did “Aquablitz – Whets Your Thirst” start?

After many years of designing a business thought, he decided to open a water purification enterprise in Khorixas. The enterprise has the brand “Aquablitz – Whets Your Thirst”, under the registered mother company Venah Trading Enterprise CC. Aquablitz offers fundamental services to its community in Khorixas and broader Kunene Region inhabitants by providing purified water (refillable), purified ice cubes, and branded-bottled water.

When asked where he drew the inspiration to start his business, Richter responded by saying,

As much I am educated, I felt I can not just invest my intellectual capacity and expertise into government work only. There was to invest my knowledge into a sustainable business for myself and my family. I always wanted to provide a service of note, therefore, I knew I had to provide an essential service with multiple health benefits. I prioritized the health of my community, instead of duplicating existing business models such as grocery shops and shebeens.

As a key member of the middle management team of the Council since 2007, he decided to capitalize on the legal provisions of the Republic of Namibia and to align his business operations with the Harambee Prosperity Plan, NDP 5, and ultimately Vision 2030.

Charlton Richter is a good example of one who feels obliged to set good examples for the growing society. He says,  that one must dig deeper and find avenues of sustainable business opportunities.

I can assure you that there are so many untapped business opportunities in Khorixas.