Project Description

Diploma in Business in Leadership (NQF Level 7) – 63DBLE

The purpose of this qualification is to equip students with leadership skills and capability to lead in a complex organisation, manage stakeholder relationships, develop, and implement strategies, and achieve organisational goals and objectives. The minimum duration is 1 year. This qualification may serve as an entry point to any relevant NQF Level 8 qualification of the University of Namibia or any other recognised institution. This qualification equips students with the following skills: leadership skills, human capital management skills, integrity and accountability, problem-solving and critical analysis, collaboration and team-working, self-confidence, agile leadership, and coaching and mentoring. Holders of this qualification will be able to fill the following career opportunities: leadership and management positions in public, private and non-governmental organisations.

The Diploma in Business Leadership Programme seeks to recruit suitably qualified students who can benefit from, contributing to, and completing the programme. To be considered for admission to this programme, a prospective student must:

  1. a) Hold a Diploma in Business Management (NQF Level 6) from the University of Namibia or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  2. b) A minimum of five years relevant work experience, of which one year should be at senior managerial level.

Additional Selection Criteria

The following criteria may be used to select students when there are too many students that qualify for admission and a reduced number of applicants need to be selected:

  1. Sit for an entrance examination administered by the school and applicants must attain the minimum score as set from time to time.
  2. b) Demonstrate evidence of experience in management.

This qualification may serve as an entry point to any relevant level 8 qualification of the University of Namibia, or any other recognised institution provided other requirements are met.

Blended learning conducted through e-learning augmented by face-to-face lessons on a block-Release Basis.

The minimum duration of this programme is one (1) year.

Taught modules will be assessed through formative and summative assessments. Students are also expected to complete an Applied Business Leadership Project which will be assessed following the school’s guidelines. The assessment of each course shall be as follows:

  • Weighting in assessments for modules (except mini thesis) is 25% individual assignments, 25% group assignments, 50% examination.
  • To pass a module, a minimum final mark of 50% is required.
  • The final mark for each module will be calculated using a ratio of 50:50 i.e., CA: Exam mark
  • Notwithstanding the above, a subminimum of at least 40% will apply to the Exam Mark.
  • Applied Business Leadership Project shall be examined by an appointed internal examiner and moderated by an external examiner.
  • To pass the Applied Business Leadership Project, the student must obtain a minimum average final mark of 50%.

The Diploma in Business Leadership qualification will be awarded to candidates who have completed the 136 credits at Level 7 as prescribed in the curriculum and have met all the administrative and financial requirements of the University.

Note: these modules can either be offered in first or second semester according to structure of the timetable, students are urged to consult the timetable.

NQF Level: 9

First Semester

Module codeModuleCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)(Co-requisites) / Pre-requisitesCompulsory (C) / Elective (E)
B2711LEEnglish for Business Writing164 L/WNoneC
B2711LRBusiness Research Methods for Executives164 L/WNoneC
B2711LLLeadership, Coaching and Mentoring164 L/W NoneC
B2711LSStrategy Development and Implementation164 l/wNoneC
Total Credits Semester 164 Credits

Second Semester

Module codeModuleCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)(Co-requisites) / Pre-requisitesCompulsory (C) / Elective (E)
B2712LMStrategic Stakeholder Management164 L/WNoneC
B2711LRStrategic Risk Management164 L/WNoneC
B2711LLScenarios and Strategic Agility164 L/W NoneC
B2711LSApplied Business Leadership Project244 l/wNoneC
Total Credits Semester 272 Credits
Total credits YEAR 1136 Credits
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