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Doctor of Business Administration (NQF Level 10) – 63DBAD

The purpose of this qualification is to produce graduates who are well grounded in modern management and leadership thinking and have acquired considerable competence in research that together qualify them to be elite entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders in the public sector, or in business organisations – including those with global reach.  The minimum duration of the programme is 3 years. This is a terminal qualification at the highest NQF Level 10. The qualification equips students with the following skills: analytical and Problem-solving skills, critical thinking for Creativity and innovation, adaptability, resilience, systems thinking, ability to work under pressure and stick to deadlines, planning and research skills, professionalism and work ethics, effective leadership and management skills, and emotional intelligence for syndicate or teamwork. Career opportunities for this qualification include the following: leadership in organisations, management in public institutions, management in private firms, officials in international agencies, entrepreneurs, business analysts, and global consultancy.

The Doctorate in Business Administration programme seeks to recruit suitably qualified students who are capable of successfully completing the programme. In order to be considered for admission to this programme prospective student must:

  • Hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 9 in a relevant discipline from a recognised institution.
  • Provide evidence of competency in spoken and written English if the mode of instruction for previous qualifications was not in English.
  • Provide evidence of a minimum experience of three (3) years in management positions.


Additional Selection Criteria

Should there be more qualified applicants than the school can accommodate, those with more research and managerial experience will be given priority. Also, applicants may be given assessment tasks set by the NBS, which must be performed to the satisfaction of the Admission Committee.

The DBA is a terminal qualification in Business Administration, but it also prepares students for other qualifications. After completing the DBA, a candidate may pursue an academic career by enrolling into a PhD Management programme or into a Doctor of Management programme.

The minimum duration of this programme is three (3) years.

Blended learning conducted through e-learning augmented by face-to-face lessons on a block-Release Basis.

The DBA qualification will be awarded to candidates who have completed the 384 credits at Level 10 as prescribed in the curriculum and have met all the administrative and financial requirements of the University.

The assessment of the coursework has two components:

  • Formative Assessment that will produce a Continuous Assessment mark (50%)
  • Summative Assessment that will produce the Summative Assessment mark (50%).

Both types of assessment will establish the extent of students’ mastery of the learning outcomes. The assessments – individual or group – will include essays, problem-solving exercises, debates, literature reviews, analysis of journal articles, case studies, etc.

To qualify for the Summative Assessment, a sub-minimum of 40% in the CA will apply. Each module will have a minimum of three Continuous Assessment tasks. To pass each module, a student should obtain a final mark of at least 50%.

The dissertation will be examined by three experts in the field; and it must pass from all three. After this stage, the dissertation will be examined by a panel at a Viva Voce presentation. The panel must indicate whether the thesis passed or failed. The decision of the Viva Voce panel is final. It is only after the Viva Voce panel had passed the dissertation that it would be deemed to have passed.

Note: these modules can either be offered in first or second semester according to structure of the timetable, students are urged to consult the timetable.

NQF Level: 10

Year 1 – First Semester

Module codeModule NameCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)Compulsory (C) / Elective (E)
B7011DWWriting for Publication244 hours/weekC
B7021DOProduction and Operations Management 122 hours/weekC
B7011DMEmerging and International Marketing 244 hours/weekC
B7021DLLeadership and Organisational Behaviour 122 hours/weekC
Total Credits Semester 172 credits

Year 1 – Second Semester

Module codeModuleCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)Compulsory (C) / Elective (E)
B7012DECorporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy244 hours/weekC
B7022DFFinancial Decision Making 122 hours/weekC
B7022DSCorporate Strategy 122 hours/weekC
B7012DRAdvanced Business Research Methodology244 hours/weekC
Total Credits Semester 272 credits
Total credits YEAR 1 144 credits

Year 2/3

ModuleModule codeCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)Compulsory (C) / Elective (E)
Total Credits Years 1, 2 & 3384 credits
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