Project Description

This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for an organisation to achieve and sustain its competitive position through effective and sustainable operations. It focuses on developing a deep understanding of customer service, service design, innovation, and marketing, fostering empathy for customers and enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, the programme aims to equip students with strategy formulation skills essential for building a competitive advantage and offers advanced-level insights into management accounting.

In this specialisation, students will gain a robust understanding of the core components of design thinking and innovation, as well as insights into the dynamics of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Additionally, they will explore the significance of strategy in a leadership role and learn to discern environment-related factors that determine success. The programme also imparts knowledge in global business strategy and development, equipping students with a comprehensive perspective on international business dynamics.

On completion of this course, you will have gained the following skills:

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Global Business Strategy

Admission requirements:

Namibian National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 8 Bachelor (Honours) degree qualification or equivalent, from any recognized institution, in the chosen field of study; a minimum of two years of experience in a supervisory or management position verifiable at enrolment application.

*Applicants are required to submit a reference letter from the employer that confirms their supervisory and managerial experience as part of the admission process.

Two (2) Years

Blended Mode


N$ 104,475.00

2023 Prospectus

Course Structure

Year 1 – Semester 1

Module codeModuleCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)
B9661MOOperations & Technology Management124L/W
B6961MLLeadership & Human Capital Management124L/W
B6921MSStrategic Marketing & Customer Service124L/W
B6941MSStrategic Accounting & Finance124L/W
B6961MSStrategic Management 124L/W
Total Credits60

Year 1 – Semester 2

Module codeModule NameCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)
CBRH 5999Design Thinking & Innovation 244L/W
CBFM5999Entrepreneurship & Innovation Strategy244L/W
CBOM5999Corporate & Business Development 244L/W
CBMM5999Global Strategy & Business Development 244L/W
CBSM 5999Business Research Methodology244L/W
Total credits 120

Year 2 – Semester 1 and 2

Module codeModuleCreditsContact hours per week (L / P / T)
Total credits Year 1 and Year 2280

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1. Application Form
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2. Admission Process
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3. Registration Form
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4. Orientation
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1. Lectures
1.1 Accessing Moodle
Moodle is a platform used by the Namibia Business School for all class-related activities and it is where students can access the learning material. Each admitted student will receive login details from the Student Support Office, once the registration period has ended.
1.2 Access to the UNAM Student Portal
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1.3 Study material & Timetable
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2. Assessments
2.1 Summative: written examinations
2.2 Formative: assignments

3. Release of CA marks
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4. Examination
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1. Research themes
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2. Allocation of Supervisors
2.1 Student engagement
Once a student submits a proposal with a researchable topic, supervisor will be allocated to guide the student through the thesis writing process.
2.2 Presentation
Once a student receives permission to defend from the supervisor, the student must send the proposal and the approval to the Research Office.

3. Submission
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1. Notice of Expectation to Graduate
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2. Application form (to Graduate)
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3. Fees
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4. List of graduates
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5. Graduation ceremony
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1. Alumni Profiles
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2. Alumni Annual Conference (Symposium)
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3. Jop placement
3.1 Tutoring opportunities
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