Project Description

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA)

The purpose of this qualification is to provide students with an extended and deepened level of knowledge and skill in the field of Business Administration and also provides instruction in relevant research methodologies. This is in line with the strategic objective of the University to “cultivate standards of excellence in teaching, research, and all the prescribed functions of UNAM, through encouraging constructive criticism, constant self-improvement, self-evaluation, and peer assessment”.

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Applicants who wish to enter the MBA degree at the School but do not meet the requirements, will be admitted to the Post-Graduate Diploma as preparation for MBA studies.

  • Level 7 degree from the University of Namibia or an equivalent Level 7 qualification on the NQF.
  • Any Level 8 qualification (which is not relevant to Business Administration/Management Science)

This qualification serves as an entry point and provides credits for the following related qualifications:

Masters programmes in Business Administration or any relevant Level 8 qualifications in Business Administration/Management Science of the University of Namibia or other recognized University.

Blended learning conducted through e-learning augmented by face-to-face lessons on a Bock-Release Basis.

The minimum duration of this programme is one (1) year and the maximum duration is two (2) years.

The examination mark and the continuous assessment mark constitute 60% and 40% of the final mark respectively.

Candidates are expected to:

a) Obtain a minimum of 50% in both the CA mark and the examination mark.
b) Demonstrate deepened expertise of the theoretical subject matter in the field of Business Administration.
c) Demonstrate efficient and effective information retrieval and processing skill, involving critical analysis of the information.
d) Evaluate, independently, both quantitative and qualitative data.
e) Engage with current research and scholarly as well as professional literature in the field of Business Administration.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration cannot be obtained in less than one (1) year of full-time study and the programme must be completed within two years of registration. Graduation for the diploma requires the successful completion of 142 credits at Level 8, including the research-based Business Project which will be worth 30 credits.


First Semester

ModuleModule codeCredits
Advanced Writing for Post-Graduate StudiesUAE481916
Advanced Business Law & EthicsCBBL48298
Business AccountingCBBA48298
Strategic Project ManagementCBPM48298
Strategic Operations ManagementCBOM48298
Strategic Human Resources ManagementCBHR48298
Strategic Marketing ManagementCBMM48298
Business Economics - A Micro-Level PerspectiveCBBE48298
Business Economics – A Micro-level PerspectiveCBBE48298
Total credits72

Second Semester

ModuleModule codeCredits
Managing Information TechnologiesCBMI48298
Business Economics - A Macro-Level PerspectiveCBPP48298
Strategic Financial ManagementCBFM48298
Strategic ManagementCBSM48298
Strategic Decision Making & Research MethodsCBDM48298
Business Project in Business AdministrationCBBP481032
Total credits144

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