Christine Kaengurova - Owner of Chrissy's Spring Cleaning cc

Owner of Chrissy’s Spring Cleaning cc

Christine Kaengurova has been a general assistant at the Namibia Business School since 2015 and also runs her own cleaning company, Chrissy’s Spring Cleaning Services CC. She is living proof that tenacity and hard work can pay off when you invest in your skills.

Chrissy’s talent for cleaning began when she was just a young girl. She recalls how she used to wake up at 5 am most mornings to clean the house to her mother’s exacting standards. This turned out to be the perfect training for what was to become a blossoming family business. Now a loving wife and mother of five, Chrissy still has time to pursue her passion.

“Ek enjoy my werk!”

It all started five years ago when she was asked to help out with some ironing. The woman who was to become her first client contacted Chrissy after her usual helper fell ill and the chores began to mount up. She gave Chrissy a laundry basket full of clothes before heading off to town. When she returned after only two hours, she was delighted to find that all the laundry had been neatly ironed, folded, and put away.

One happy client led to another, so Christine decided to start her own company. Now she offers services that are tailored to her customers, and she delivers them expertly with the help of her children and husband.

Chrissy’s most recent client requested a house and yard package. As usual, the team of five arrived at the clients’ homes with their tools and detergents, gloves, and masks. Chrissy made sure that her team made limited contact with the client and sanitized every surface after completing the job, in line with Covid-19 guidelines.

Covid restrictions have been challenging for Chrissy’s business, but they have also presented an opportunity. The effects of lockdown have meant reduced orders and the team’s health has had to come first. However, our new appreciation for hygiene and health has increased the value of Chrissy’s services and boosted her desire to keep going. If her business was born out of personal love for cleanliness, its future lies in the opportunity to contribute to a safer environment for all.

The solution is when we build each other up.

Towards the end of our interview, we asked for Chrissy’s thoughts about rebuilding business after Covid. Her response speaks to small-scale solutions to large-scale problems: “I believe entrepreneurship is the answer. We will struggle less if I use your services and you use mine. The solution is when we build each other up.”