While most organisations conceptually understand the connection between strategy and projects, very few actually operationally link their strategy to projects within the organisation. But the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is different.  

They recently established a Projects and Strategy Office and carefully crafted a Project Management Framework to significantly improve effectiveness in achieving their project goals. At the centre of their effort are Project Coordinators, who play the primary role in delivering projects successfully.  After meticulously analysing GIPF’s organisational context, NBS PM designed and delivered tailored project coordinator training.   Twelve project coordinators were divided into three teams that focused intensely on three GIPF projects during the training.  Covering project initiation to project closing and everything in-between, the hands-on sessions ensured that the project coordinators are thoroughly equipped to take on their vital project role. The training concluded with a recognition ceremony held in the presence of the project sponsors and the GIPF CEO.  Building a firm foundation for consistent project management practices supports GIPF’s vision to be a leading and model pension fund globally.  GIPF is an excellent organisational example of how to establish standards to improve project success, which supports greater organisational success.